Anya Romanenko



Anya Romanenko studied at Repin School of Fine Arts in her native Ukraine. During this time, Anya also received a degree in Architecture. Her educational background is reflected in the structural nature of her compositions, yet it is softened by the free-spirited, dreamy and often humorous nature of the subjects depicted within her pieces.


Anya’s paintings have always reflected personal and intimate subject matters. Life events, travels, loves and losses, and mostly family make for a wide variety of stories that she generously shares with her viewers. As Anya’s art evolves and progresses, new characters enter her canvases bringing with them new dreams and experiences. 


Anya is continuously experimenting with various medias and most of her paintings and illustrations are created using a combination of artistic tools. She works with encaustic (wax), ink, acrylics, coffee and various textured materials. Her methods are bold, uninhibited and as a result, each piece unique. 


The personal and expressive nature of Anya’s works makes them relevant to art lovers of all caliber. Her real life optimism and unyielding energy are inevitably reflected in every painting. Each painting tells a story and the viewer is introduced to a world of color, harmony, wisdom and joy. 

Anya currently resides in Toronto, Canada where she teaches art at Crestwood School and works out of her home studio. Anya also designs sets for various ballet performances, most notably, at Bayview School of Ballet. Her encaustic, acrylic and ink collections have been exhibited in art galleries and shows throughout North America and Europe.

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