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Art of Russia Gallery is peacefully situated in the heart of the 225 Canyon Road Complex.  Upon approaching the gallery, visitors are greeted by warm flowers and the intrinsic sculptures of Rus Hinman.  Geraniums and flagstone are part of the charm.  Visitors walk freely through ever-inviting double doors that remain open during the summer.  Art of Russia Gallery has the quaintness of a New Mexican adobe combined with Russian paintings that draw you in with warmth.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to welcome every visitor with a smile and warm greeting.  Art of Russia Gallery offers museum-like appeal because the staff is always eager to be informative and engaging about every artist and the history behind their work.  The gallery well surpasses all expectations of those both familiar to Russian art and those with budding curiosity.  Lacquer boxes, icons, nesting dolls, sculpture, propaganda posters, and paintings of various styles are only part of the collection.  Stop by to learn more about Russian art and to create a lasting memory of your walk on Canyon Road.

Art of Russia Gallery was initially established in 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2004, Art of Russia Gallery moved to Santa Fe, NM, where the gallery found its permanent home.  Art of Russia Gallery is dedicated to sharing Russian art with American audiences. We offer a diverse collection of paintings from the former Soviet Union.  We also maintain a strong focus on contemporary artists and old masters. Unlike the Soviet impressionist artists, contemporary Russian artists are free in their exploration of color, form and symbolism.  This kind of expression was not seen in Russia for nearly a century. Within the historic center of art in Santa Fe, we are pleased to offer an informal and comfortable experience in which to view the artistic talents of Russia artists and craftsmen. All guests are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions about this exciting part of Russian culture. If you have any questions or comments about the gallery or its art visit our contact page to send us an email, call us at 505-466-1718, or visit us in person on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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