Oleg Trofimov



Oleg Trofimov was born in 1962 in Tsarevo, near Moscow. 1979-1984 Vasnetsov’ School of the Art and Industry in Abramtsevo (Moscow region). From 1986-1992, he attended Stroganov, Moscow State Art University, (former Moscow High Art School). His paintings have been published in “Decorative Art” magazine. He has taken part in twenty exhibitions in Russia and abroad. A lot of works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, France, Canada, USA. A number of banks and major companies invested in his works for their corporate collections.

In 2008 some of his works were acquired by Naples Museum of Fine Art (Naples, Florida, USA) and Dallas Arts and Crafts Museum (Dallas, Texas, USA). Since 1990, Trofimov has been taking part in art fairs and auctions worldwide. His predominant style is on the edge of abstract and impressionism.

Latest events:
Oct 2010, joint exhibition (with artist Dmitry Annenkov), Sensorium Gallery (Stavern, Norway)
2010, Barry Chapel Fine Art Auction (Los Angeles, USA), all works sold
Apr 2011, joint exhibition (with artist Marit Saxegaard), Sensorium Gallery (Stavern, Norway)
Since Apr 2011, cooperation with Hillier gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Since Jul 2011, cooperation with Wendelboe Gallery (Bergen, Norway)
Oct-Nov 2011, one-man show at Oksen Gallery (Porsgrunn , Norway)
Jan 2012, joint exhibition (with group of artists), Fine Art Museum of Ho Chi Minh City (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) 

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