May 092013

Passport to the Arts



Friday & Saturday May 10th-11th, 2013
Every year the Canyon Road Merchant Association holds a silent auction in conjunction with Passport to the Arts. Girls With Bunnies and The Letter are the two paintings that Art of Russia Gallery International is pleased to offer for this year’s silent auction. Each piece will have a starting bid with fifty dollar increments as well as a buy-it-now price. Each winner will add to their collection a stunning work of historically significant Russian art.

With starting bids way below market value, these auctions represent a great opportunity to purchase a rare piece of fine art.

Contact the gallery for more information, to place a bid, or stop by to see these invaluable paintings in person!







Shapovalenko Girls with Bunnies


Girls with Bunnies (framed)
oil on linen 24″h x 30″w


This timeless painting by Shapovalenko captures the innocence and beauty of childhood. The artist applies color in multiple layers and works quickly, allowing him to see the image as a whole. Inherited from his Impressionistic predecessors, Shapovalenko’s brush strokes are quick and playful, as he catches light before it is lost.



V. Chirkov

Chirkov The Letter







V. Chirkov
The Letter (framed)
oil on linen 28″h x 20″w

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The Letter, painted by V. Chirkov, captures the romantic mood of the classical uprising of 19th century Russia.  This painting, as in all of Chirkov’s art, reflects imagined intimate moments of daily life.














To bid, click place bid or buy-it-now above.  Bidding is also accepted through email, telephone (505-466-1718), our website, or in person.