Yana Golubyatnikova


Yana Golubyatnikova - Art of Russia Gallery

Yana Golubyatnikova was born in Kherson, Ukraine. From 1994 to 1995 she studied at the Crimean Art College and from 1995 to 1996 she attended the Grekov Art College in Odessa. She later returned to the Crimean Art College where she graduated in 1999 and began to work as a costume designer at the Kherson Theater of Drama and Comedy. Golubyatnikova spends her time in St. Petersburg and South of the Ukraine in Kherson.


Some of her exhibitions of paintings include:

1997 –  Exhibition at “The Wing” Hall – Ukraine;
1999 –  Gallery show, Simferopol, Ukraine;
1999 –  Exhibition at the Kherson Exhibition Hall – Ukraine;
2001-2002 Numerous exhibitions in the Ukraine and in Sweden;
2003 –  Private exhibition in Russia.
2005 –  Honorable Mention at Best of Scottsdale Show, Still Life Category
2005 –  Featured on cover of Fall issue of Artbook of the New West.
2005 –  Exhibition of the St. Petersburg Artists’ Union, Russia.
Golubyatnikova splits her time between St. Petersburg, Russia and Kherson, Ukraine.